Short Stories

Alfie Dog Fiction

Came as ‘Me’, Left as ‘We’

I have short stories available from Alfie Dog Fiction. One of my stories was chosen as the title story in the anthology Came as ‘Me’ Left as ‘We’ published in July 2013. It is available in a variety of e-book formats or in paperback, available from Amazon and

Restless Spirits

A second story, Restless Spirits,  published in the October 2014 anthology, The Day Death Wore Boots. Update July 2018: Unfortunately this is now no longer available.

Alfie Dog Fiction

The stories are also sold individually … download them from the Alfie Dog Fiction website (the heading is the link to my page) along with my other stories:

Came as ‘Me’ Left as ‘We’ – Recently widowed Helen decides to take her first holiday alone at a particularly friendly resort she had visited often with her husband. While coming to terms with being alone and laying the ghosts of the past to rest, she meets her future.

A Change of Heart – Laura is a writer who likes to sit writing in a coffee shop to stimulate her creativity. One stormy day she meets her guardian angel  who has come to help her.

The Girl in the Red Coat – Peter regretted being a bit nonchalant about snowy weather  when taking his normal commuting route home across Dartmoor, where a  girl helps him to safety.

If you Think the Fairies Did It … – Joan was lazily browsing the apps on her iPad, when suddenly she noticed a  new icon. I wonder what that is. It must have installed when the  software last updated.

Restless Spirits – Charlotte and Matt move into their new home – a pretty little cottage by a river. They find some rather unusual neighbours who need their help.

Ladies Wot Backpacked – In order to find a new normal when coping with the loneliness of  widowhood, Caroline undertakes a rather unusual personal adventure. This humorous story demonstrates how pushing against the boundaries of a  comfort zone can open up new thinking and perhaps open the door to new  beginnings.